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LDS Lamanai Tour

LDS Lamanai Tour

Photos above are from one of Toms many LDS tours to Lamanai.

These ruins date back well over 2000 years and clearly carry a unique Book of Mormon name. Learn the significance of the location and the name of Lamanai and how it relates to what we know of the geography of the Book of Mormon.  Visit the Jaguar Temple and the Temple of the Mask and learn about the connection between the purposes of these temples and LDS theology.

This tour is a river eco tour to the site and is available for both guests staying in Belize as well as cruise passengers coming to Belize on a Western Caribbean Cruise.
All our LDS Lamanai Tour Reservations are locally in Belize. (Carnival’s list price is US116 for adults and US95 for kids) see here https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/belize/lamanai-mayan-ruins-and-river-boat-safari-509098

Cost is US95 per adults, US75.00 for kids.